FoodFree Fridge PDX

St Johns Free Food Fridge

Free fridge, freezer, pantry and more. Open all days and hours

Community Guidelines
- Do your best to only touch what you're going to take
- Sanitize your hands before opening the fridge and wear a mask the whole time you interact with a fridge
- If other people are using the fridge, please maintain 6ft of distance at all times
- Place all perishables in the fridge and non-perisables in the pantry
- Only donate food that isn't expired or opened
- While volunteers come to check on the fridge frequently, please do your best to keep the surrounding area clean and organized
- Please do not donate/leave alcohol or drugs
- Place all uncooked meat in the freezer and keep meat and produce separated
- When donating prepared meals/baked goods/homemade food:
- Wear mask and gloves while preparing food
- Use clean, sturdy containers that completely seal
- Label each item with:
- What it is
- Any allergens
- The date it was made
- Please do not leave anything on the ground. If there's not room in the fridge or pantry, check out our other locations on the map
- Contact us if you have a large donation of stuff that doesn't fit

Address: N Exeter& N Cecelia