Neighbors Helping Neighbors PDX

Our service: a twice weekly trash collection service for North Portland folks living outside. We are an all-volunteer organization dedicated to meeting a basic need of our local houseless community. Our service also enhances neighborhood livability, protects our watersheds and serves as a bridge between our housed and houseless neighbors. In 2016, we saw a need to reduce friction between neighbors who are housed and neighbors who live unsheltered in small local camps in tents, cars and RVs. A primary source of irritation was the presence of unsightly trash around the encampments.

Website: http://nhnpdx.org/?fbclid=IwAR0if5YpVpnO1e_6pltPQzvNndO23aJ2y2U78mKO5AK_Q1I_6Pt_sgxjLjc

Phone: 503-479-8157

Email: info@nhnpdx.org