Growing Gardens

We facilitate... garden-based learning opportunities that encourage curiosity, honor lived experience, incorporate sustainable practices, and deepen understanding of our local environment.

We foster... connections between people and the land, food and health, education and job opportunities that improve quality of life.

We practice... critical self-reflection and constant un-learning of racism and internalized oppression, making the unconscious conscious, and shifting power towards groups that have been historically marginalized.

We build... long-lasting relationships, bringing people together over shared food and culture, meaningful dialogue, and collaborative action.

Growing Gardens’ Home Gardens Program is a three-year program that is free to Portland residents with limited resources. We provide a garden installation, plant seeds and starts, compost, tools and educational workshops.

Youth Grow provides hands-on education in school gardens to help all children feel accepted and empowered to make conscious choices, become stewards of the environment, share their culture and increase community resiliency.

In 2010 Lettuce Grow began its work in one prison garden. We are now working in 16 adult and juvenile facilities. Into these these facilitates we bring volunteers who garden with and provide horticultural education to inmates. In 2015 Lettuce Grow merged with Growing Gardens, extending our garden education services and offering to more incarcerated adults and children throughout Oregon.

Address: 3114 SE 50th Ave, Portland, OR, 97206


Phone: 503.284.8420