Bybee Lakes Hope Center

Emergency Shelter & Program-based Transitional Housing for the Unhoused

Helping Hands provides services to those experiencing homelessness who are ready to make sustainable changes to achieve self-sufficiency. Referrals to the Hope Center are accepted from registered community partners, listed below. Referrals are welcome 7 days a week between 8am to 8pm, for same-day placement to the shelter.

The Hope Center serves homeless men, women, and families with children. Participants must be ready to be clean and sober (even if today is day one!), and must not be registered sex offenders of any class since we serve children.

If you need assistance locating a referral partner, please call our office!

Address: 14355 N. Bybee Lake Court, Portland, OR, 97203

Website: https://helpinghandsreentry.org/bybee-lakes-hope-center

Phone: (971) 333-5070