About us

Who are the Doers? Our focus is highlighting organizations and individuals engaged in houselessness, food security, housing and behavioral health. If you actively participate in efforts to support your community, you are a Doer.

North Portland Doers is a nonprofit providing quarterly forums so that nonprofits and community groups can network and benefit from educational opportunities that help them better serve their clients.  Our mission is to support those groups who serve local folks experiencing houselessness, food insecurity and housing instability.  The Doers Forum was originally conceived of and developed by Mary Jaron Kelley, associate director of North Portland Neighborhood Services, in 2020 as the North Portland community was impacted by Covid-19.  After nearly two years, the Doers has now become a nonprofit committed to fulfilling the original mission of continuing to bring our community together.

In addition to this online guide, we also host quarterly events to showcase the good works of other Doers. Come learn. Come share.  Come celebrate positive steps in the right direction and see how you might be able to help.

Development of the searchable resource guide on this site has been supported by funding from the Portland Mayor’s Office.